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"Courage: Real courage is no quick fix. It doesn't come in a bottle or a pill. It comes from discipline. From taking everything life hands you and being your best; either because of it, or in spite of it."  ~Ty Murray (7 time all around world champion cowboy)

2005 Tentative Schedual

(BCRA and PCB events)



~Feb. 25/26 -Chilliwack Best of the Bullriders (PCB)

~March 5 -Lethbridge Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~April 8 -Clive Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~April 16 -Thorhild Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~April 22-24 -Williams Lake Indoor Rodeo (BCRA)

~April 23 -Trail Bullarama (PCB)

~April 30 -Blackfields Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~May 14 -Big River Bullarama, SK (PCB)

~May 22/23 -Keremeos Elks Rodeo (BCRA)

~May 28/29 -Clinton May Ball Rodeo (BCRA)

~June 9 -Meadow Lake Bullarama, SK (PCB)

~June 18/19 -Ashcroft and District Stampede (BCRA)

~June 19 -Hussar Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~July 9/10 -Anahim Lake Stampede (BCRA)

~July 20 -Oyen Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~July 23/24 -Coombs Rodeo (BCRA)

~July 30/31 -Interlakes, Roe Lake Rodeo (BCRA)

~August 5-7 -Chilliwack Fall Fair and Rodeo (BCRA)

~August 6 -Elnora Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~August 10 -Cereal Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~August 13/14 -Pritchard Rodeo (BCRA)

~August 17 -Coronation Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~August 18 -Eatonia Bullarama, SK (PCB)

~August 19 -Irricana Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~August 20/21 -Courtney Rodeo (BCRA)

~August 26/27 -Smithers Fall Fair and Rodeo (BCRA)

~Sept 3 -Stavely Bullarama, AB (PCB)

~Sept. 3-5 -North Thompson Fall Fair & Rodeo (BCRA)

~Sept. 9-11 -BCRA Championship Finals (Quesnel, BC)

"Terrible Terry" ~Chilliwack Rodeo

Welcome to the Rodeo Page!
 I'm going to try and stay up to date with new info on this page, but sometimes it might take a few days because of the busy touring schedual, so just bear with me.
 On this page you'll find the 2005 rodeo schedual, weekly injury updates, info on clinics and rodeo schools and association contact information. 
Need western tack or clothing?
Locally, either Stampede Tack or Countrywest Supply are awesome and carry everything you need, and if they don't they can usually have it ordered in ASAP.
Need rodeo gear?
For rodeo gear I always use Sayles Saddlery Company in Calgary, AB. They have an awesome selection of gear and a very helpful staff. Good prices and good equipment. Plus if you need it quick, it can usually get express shipped for arival within 3 days! Check out their website below :)


Video: Check out this wreck from Kamloops on the bull "1300"

Injury Update!

~ Re-fractured wrist (non-riding arm)


  • March 4-6 ~ Dee Butterfield Horsemanship & Barrel Racing Open Clinic...Brooks, AB
  • March 21-26 ~ Horsemanship & Roping Clinic at Mclean Creek Ranch...Okanagan Falls, BC

Wanna advertise your horse/rodeo related site or service?

Check out the rodeo page for tour information and injury updates!