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Live Fast, Die Young...Bull-rid-ers ~(Johnny Cash)


A Rodeo Cowboy's Prayer

Our gracious and heavenly Father, we pause in the midst of this festive occasion, mindful and thoughtful of the guidance that you have given us.

As cowboys, Lord, we don't ask for any special favors, we ask only that you let us compete in this arena, as in lifes arena. We don't ask to never break a barrier, or to draw a round of steer that's hard to throw, or a chute fighting horse, or a bull that is impossible to ride. We only ask that you help us to compete as honest as the horses we ride and in a manner as clean and pure as the wind that blows across this great land of ours.

So when we do make that last ride that is inevitable for us all to make, to that place up there, where the grass is green and lush and stirrup high, and the water runs cool, clear, and deep -

You'll tell us as we ride in that our entry fees have been paid.

These things we ask - Amen.


Top Rodeo Songs

1~ "Rodeo" by Garth Brooks

2~ "Amarillo by Morning" by George Strait

3~ "Much Too Young to Feel This Damn Old" by Garth Brooks

4~ "The Fever" by Garth Brooks

5~ "I Can Still Make Cheyenne" by George Strait

6~ "Gimme Eight Seconds" by Toby Kieth

7~ "Lets Go to The PBR" by Billy Ray Cyrus

8~ "One Ride In Vegas" by Deryl Dodd

9~ "Beaches of Cheyenne" by Garth Brooks

10~ "Hangin' On" by David Lee Murphy




I realize that most people can't possibly understand why a person would put themselves against a 2000lb. bull, short of insanity, as a profession. I'd like to offer a little bit of insight into the subject and prove there is a method behind our madness. Rodeo as a whole, is one of the last pure sports. A sport free of trade talks, salary caps, union negotiations and rediculous amounts of money. Don't get me wrong, they are all tremendous athletes, but how much is it really worth to pass a puck or a football around? Rodeo cowboys aren't millionairs or celebreties. They aren't in it for fame or glory...they compete for the love of the sport and a way of life that has somehow managed to continue through decades of change and new found technology and remain deeply imbeded in it's traditional roots. You will not find a closer knit family of competitors in any locker room. Aside from the best of the best, who have earned their way to the top and now have terriffic sponsors, we all pay our own entry fees and traveling expenses and we don't get paid unless we win. We ride with broken bones and torn muscles because rodeo is our life. It gets into your blood and essentialy becomes a part of your soul. It takes a great athlete to get back up after being mowed down by a 240lb. defensive tackle, but it takes an amazing person to get back up after being gored by a 2000lb. bull; then come up with a smile and ask to have another one loaded into the chutes. Rodeo cowboys and cowgirls aren't stupid or insane. They are the last of a traditional breed...tough as nails and with a determination stronger than a mule. Some are ranchers and own farms, but many, as with bullriders, are normal everyday people you see on the street with regular jobs. Take a good look rodeo you're at, you might be watching your mailman or pizza delivery boy bearing down and getting ready to cowboy up. We're normal everyday people with a passion few can understand. We aren't indistructable. We feel pain and we bleed just like everybody else. But we tough it out and forget about the pain and sometimes dissapointment and jump back in our trucks to head down the road to the next rodeo and another shot at winning. I personally don't know what I'd be doing if I was riding bulls. The rush is completely unparalleled by anything else and I'll gladly take the broken bones and beatings that come with doing what I love. You just can't put a price on the kind of freedom you feel when that gate opens up. It can set a high cost sometimes, aside from the injuries, it can also be hard on relationships when you know that when you give her a kiss good-bye on Thursday night or Friday morning, you might not be coming back on Monday. Should I have to pay the ultimate price for this, I'll go knowing I lived every day to the fullest and died doing what I loved. Everyone goes when it's their's just up to us what we do with that time that we're given. Bear down, Try hard and COWBOY UP!

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