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As far as acting and modeling goes, if you're in the business and you like what you see please feel free to contact either myself or my agent Sonya, (BOSS Management) 1-(604)-844-7895
Special skills and exact dimensions will be forwarded promptly on request :)
Appearance List For 2005:
~Young Blades - TV Series
~Smallville - TV Series
~Bonkers Insurance - Dutch Insurance Commercial
~Dr. Doolittle 3 - Feature Film
~Dungeon Siege - Feature Film
~Totally Awesome - Feature Film
~Flight 93 - TV Movie of The Week
~Born To Die - Independant Film
~House of Horrors - TV Mini Series
~Scary Movie 4 - Feature Film
~X-Men 3 - Feature Film
~"The Seasons" - Banquet Gala - Runway
~"Roughstock" - Calander Shoot
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